Who We Are


CT Logística develops its activities on the basis of the unrestricted respect of a set of values and ethical principles, which are the cardinal points that orient our objectives, strategic priorities and actions. 


We are a company that provides its service of private transport of passengers to diverse important corporative of the city of Monterrey. Our goal is to grow every day as a company, so we try to have a close relationship with the client, which allows us to know what they feel and expect with respect to the service.


The security

Our actions are aimed at always obtaining the highest possible safety standards, to provide maximum protection for our customers and collaborators.

The integrity

The activities of TC Logística and its collaborators are always based on the value of integrity and honesty, in doing the right thing, in accordance with the strictest ethical and legal standards.

The efficiency

We encourage teamwork and fair, honest and transparent practices with all our customers and suppliers in order to generate mutual trust relationships that ensure the creation of shared value.

The responsibility

We drive the care and permanent professional development of our associates and collaborators.