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Know this beautiful waterfall and discover it because it is one of the most visited magical villages, a place where colonial style is combined, and nature in a unique way, leaving us to be part of its traditions and culture without letting pass the opportunity to eat in some typical restaurant in the area.


Located within the ecological park and 30 minutes from the city centre, hotel Chipinque is a veritable country retreat on the plateau of Chipinque in the Sierra Madre Oriental. Focused on exceeding the expectations of the guests creating every day memorable encounters, our hotel in San Pedro Garza Garcia stands out for being the only mountain hotel in the municipality and for offering business and leisure visitors an ecological proposal.


The caves of Garcia are one of the most visited tourist attractions of Nuevo León, located in the municipality of Garcia, admires the different formations of stalactites and stalagmites in a route of 40 minutes, also rises to more than 200 meters in the cable car. Enjoy an incredible tour where we will visit the wonderful caves of Garcia currently some of the most impressive in the country, which have fascinating rock formations created more than 60 million years ago.


Paseo Santa Lucía, Canal inaugurated on September 15, 2007, considered one of the 13 wonders of Mexico created by man. Visitors can embark on a delightful canal-guided tour that departs from the smelter park to the Mexican History Museum. It is one of the most attractive and most visited places by tourists who arrive in the city of Monterrey. During the journey of 2.3 kilometres, you can enjoy a magnificent landscape with 24 illuminated fountains, bridges, walkers, murals of great Monterrey Artists, which create perfect landscapes and scenarios where you can perform different sporting events and recreation.

HORNO³ (Steel Museum)

horno³ is much more than a museum, it is an interactive center of science and technology that through the fascinating processes of the steel industry, promotes scientific and technological education among children and young people. Located in the oven Alto nº 3 of the old smelter of Monterrey, furnace melts science, technology, history and recreation to live a red-hot experience!